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NLD MOD Client Released

NLD MOD Client Released


FCC MODE for the M2!!
We have just released something a lot of you Mavic 2 users have been waiting for...FCC mode.  GO and update NLD and get you some FCC goodness now.  This is for firmware 01.00.0100, so currently users on this firmware can use the NLD Remove NFZ patch AND you can have FCC mode.  Isn't life grand?
Other things we are working on at the moment:
-- Remove NFZ patch and FCC mode for more M2 firmware versions
-- Altitude restriction removal for M2 (this one is tricky)
-- FCC mode for ALL BIRDS
-- last but not least FCC Boost mode as well
and as a bonus - (just to make sure the rest of you are not to be left out of the party) the following drones can now be offline activated:  (this means you do NOT need to connect to DJI to activate and fly your drone...just use NLD and activate it)
Mavic Pro/Platinum
Inspire 2
Phantom 4 Standard
Phantom 4 Advanced
Phantom 4 Pro

/All at NoLimitDronez.

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12.05.2019 21:00
12.05.2019 22:12
that' great
12.05.2019 22:28
If I already have a previous NLD version on my FC and my cell NLD APK and they work just fine,  what steps do I need to take to upgrade to this 1.9.1 mod?
12.05.2019 22:54
Fabulous thank you guys, little by little
12.05.2019 23:45
Thank you gentlemen
13.05.2019 0:34
Wow thats fantastic news guys well done thats the one i have been waiting for, not bothered about the height limit, would like some more forward speed in sport mode other than that very well done with all the progress you have made........;)
13.05.2019 1:29
Much appreciated. Thanks!
13.05.2019 3:55
Yay! Does this work with the smart controller aswell?
13.05.2019 8:21
13.05.2019 13:09
Good work!
13.05.2019 14:54
Will hit that 'buy' button as soon as it's ready for the 04.00 firmware, or even the 03.00
15.05.2019 11:53
Perfect! Just what I was looking for, keep up the good work!
16.05.2019 3:01
great! still wating for the alt hack
16.05.2019 14:53
Very Good!!
22.06.2019 2:15
Thanks, I did this last week, my range has increased from 5.4km to well over 7km - thanks very much