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15 сентября 2019 г. 12:51:44

Howto: Rooting DJI Crystal Sky

4 months ago
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Richie wrote:
Confirmed, after a reboot the dji.pilot.pad is still present in that file after several reboots.

And today, for some unknown reason, the custom GO4 app has vanished again and I had to pm-enable it once more :(

Do we think the xml file is being overwritten by a backup / cached copy?

If so, do we know where that is stored?

Can we script something  to run the "pm enable" each time the CS boots?

(or make a one-click android app??)
4 months ago
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Can this be done on a Mac or must it be a windows pc?

13 days ago
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It's done , my root is done !
My DJI GO, Litchy & Pix4D apps works great on the Mavic Pro 1 + CrystalSky5,5'
- Downgrade of the drone firmware to 01.03.0700 against Altitude Limiter & Geofence.
- Together with the NLD GO 4.1.22 CS App for CrystalSky

Thanks DJI, CantRepeat and NoLimitDronez =)