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21 января 2020 г. 7:48:01

GO4 needs to reverse throttle and altitude values position.

4 months ago
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Mine is not a question, just a suggestion, a request to NLD guys.

Would be useful to have the possibility to invert the position of the two values, aircraft distance and altitude, displayed by GO 4 in the lower left part of the main window, so to have the correct match with the sticks controls.
Appear inverted using Mode 2, the default mode and which I know to be also the most widely used. Are a lot less the users going with Mode 1.

With Mode 2 the throttle stick is on the right, but the app show the velocity on the left of the altitude value, this is a bit annoying to see, time after time and certainly illogical.
3 months ago
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lol, bro, Mode 2......the throttle is the LEFT stick. If your mode 2 is acting as mode 1 (or 3), try changing from mode 2 to either of the other 2 modes and then back to mode 2. I will be honest, I did have a glitch one time in the STOCK 4.3.24 go app where mode 2 wasn't mode 2 (so I thought) lol....needless to say it didn't turn out to be a good start of the flight as my man boobs almost got propellerfied after the 3ft. auto takeoff height. I was standing in front of it, pushed up on left stick and it came forward at me (OAS was disabled) and after I moved and stopped I landed and checked the app and it said mode 1. Mind you, I NEVER even go into those settings in preflight because I always use mode 2 so I don't know how it got changed. Just make sure you check it EVERY flight as I do (now) because you never know and don't ever assume.