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21 января 2020 г. 9:16:21

Newer Firmware for Inspire 2

4 months ago
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Hi Guys,

I Bude NLD App 1,5 Years Ago and since then there where no newer Firmware Supported as the V01.02.0200... Thats not so nice because many Functions on Drone are not supported. Please Update a newer Firmware Support soon.

Can you say me when its ready?

3 months ago
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Indeed same here as last mod is not the best from inspire 2 but understand it is not always easy to get new image ready.
3 months ago
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Hi guys, the issue is actually getting hold of firmware when the bare drones cost several thousand $'s. We usually have alternate means for this, but not always.

That said, il mention it to the dev's, see if we can get the firmware, and have a way to test mods.