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21 января 2020 г. 8:21:33

How to downgrade to 01.03.0700 - MAVIC PRO/PLATINUM

11 months ago
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Try doing the downgrade in this order:
1. downgrade to 01.04.0100
2. downgrade to 01.03.0900
3. downgrade to 01.03.0700 and flash it twice. Always flash twice to ensure a complete firmware flash. Also power off the drone between flashes, even when flashing the same firmware version, just to ensure a complete boot up.

1st firmware flash should take about 15 minutes, 2nd flash will take about 3.
If at anytime you think the drone is "stuck" or not working during a flash, or it goes into a loop (phases)...DO NOT TURN IT OFF!! You can brick the drone that way.
Power on your RC and try to connect to the drone. If you can connect to it, it isn't flashing, even if the software says it is. You can then disconnect the drone, end task the software and start all over again. Be patient. Sometimes breaking the downgrade lock that DJI put in the firmware takes more than a couple of tries.
The NLD software doesn't control the flashing procedure, NLD just makes it possible to upgrade and downgrade. Once the flashing starts, it's all the drone that does it, and sometimes it may error, this is why you flash twice. NLD just monitors the % done that the drone reports, and sometimes it will not report 100%, this is why you try and connect with your RC.
If you have a Mavic Pro Platinum, and use anything other than NLD GO 4.1.22, you may get errors when on 01.03.0700 firmware. The Platinum was made after 01.03.0700 firmware and the new hardware (ESCs) are not supported in that firmware, so you will get errors when using stock GO.

If this is a new Mavic Pro or Platinum(all) you will also need to do this:
Since September 2017 DJI has been shipping all Mavic's and Mavic Platinum without the internal SD card. The older firmware that is more exploitable needs this card in order to write the flight files to it. If you tried downgrading without an SD card will result in errors when you try to arm/fly the drone.
In order to fix this you will need to open it up, just under the battery on the top of the drone there is an SD card slot. You just need to remove the glue and mount an SD card in the card holder. The holder is still there, but it's empty.

As for what type of card, you can use a small card, 8gb or more. Format it first by putting the SD card into the standard slot on the side of the drone (where your videos and photos are stored) and select Format from inside DJI Go 4, then you can mount it on the inside slot.

Once you do that, you can downgrade to the earlier firmware V01.03.0900 and below and have no errors. Go to 01.03.0700 for best results.

Here is a how to: http://dji.retroroms.info/howto/recorder-sdcard-fix
And and excellent video from our friend digdat0:
10 months ago
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i'm triyng to downgrade from 1.04.0400 , but the download get blocked at 11%,
how can i do? i ve triyed with dumldore with no issue...
10 months ago
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Your saying "flash" between each download,  exactly what you mean by flash?
10 months ago
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Long time user of NLDZ, owns a Mavic Pro and loves to Mod it to the extreme
Youtube  http://youtube.com/c/flymyphantom
10 months ago
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Hi guys,

I faced same issue, the only way to unlock the mavic from these fw is to downgrade to the 1.4.1000, and afterward downgrade to the fw desired.
In case, with dji googles it was the 1.3.0700.
From far, it is the best firmware for my mavic, i can remove all the DJI limitations with NLD GO android application use. And the connection is rock solid.
Of course, i never fly around airports and military zones, and i check every times in want to fly high if some airplanes are around (flightracker is your friend).
I wouldn't risk any lifes for a fly with a drone! fly safe guys, our birds' performance are just incredibles but we have proportional responsabilities with that.
10 months ago
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Was wondering, it is been sometime now since I have flown my bird. I'm almost certain that I have the mix fw on it. When I hook up the bird to NLD client at the bottom it states that the FW is not detectable or not recognized. My question is how do I continue from here. Do I select compatible FW?
13 days ago
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Hi all, can I downgrade my Mavic Pro Platinum to firmware 01.03.0800 without open up my drone and plug in the internal sd card? Cause I don't need the NFZ Removal but all I need is the Altitude Limit Removal.