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21 марта 2019 г. 0:54:03

Mavic pro platinum downgrade

2 months ago
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Hi guys,

I opend my mavic platinum and installed an internal sd card then i succesfully downgraded it to 01.04.100

Restarted the drone and tried to install fw 01.03.0700..

After flashing it says something like: cannot reconize firmware assuming flashing completed or w.e

Restarted everything and opened the nldapp again and still cant reconize the firmware (00.00.0000)

What did i do wrong?
2 months ago
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Not that this reply will help you directly with your question but, there are better firmwares to use on a MPP. The MPP has a newer electronic speed control (ESC) board and version 01.030.0700 isn't a good choice for it.

I would suggest using 01.04.0300 and modifying it with a tool called FC Patcher. It might look like a difficult task in the beginning but it's really pretty step by step.

This will allow you to modify any parameter on the MPP.

You can find it here.

2 months ago
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Thanks! Will look into it.

Do you have more info about which parameters to change for altitude etc..?