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Mavic 2 PRO/ZOOM Permanent Rooted Core Boards up for pre-order!

We have finally managed to get a new batch of the NLD Mavic 2 PRO/ZOOM Permanent Rooted Core Boards!
The NLD permanent rooted core board allow for NFZ removal on any firmware version, including future firmware releases.

Since our permanent rooted core boards are the ONLY working solution for NFZ removal on latest firmware, they are always in extremely high demand!

Whenever we receive a new batch they are completely sold out in a day or two, leaving a lot of users disappointed that they did not make it to get a rooted core board.

Therefore we have decided to do it differently this time, and they are now available for PRE-ORDER so that everyone can get a chance to get their hands on one of our permanent rooted boards.

Pre-order now to be gureanteed to get a permanent rooted core board from the next batch which will ship to customers on the 29th of April.
Your pre-order will also allow us to order even more boards and it is a win win for everyone!

Tired of seing this board out of stock?...then now is the chance to just hurl it into the basket :)
Mavic 2 PRO/ZOOM Permanent Rooted Core Board

We have also lowered the price of our Mavic 2 Enterprise permanent rooted core boards which are currently also in stock, check them out here:
Mavic 2 Enterprise Permanent Rooted Core Board

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