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NLD MOD Client ver. has been released!

NLD MOD Client ver. has been released!

Today we have released NLD v1.9.3.0 which this time also include a little goodie bag for users already in a FCC country!

Signal BOOST for Mavic 2 (all MP2 models, all firmwares)
For up to between 1.6W to 1.8W signal output depending on connected devices.
This mod will also be available for older devices soon!

NFZ v2 for Mavic 2 (all MP2 models)
Now totally eliminates all NFZs hard coded into the firmware! Say goodbye to NFZ's such as Washington DC.
Total freedom, what else to say?


The NFZv2 is only for the .0100


We fixed a bug in the code server side stopping the boost mode working on the new DJI Smart Controller. This now works as expected.

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26/06/2019 15:15
Great work guys! Thanks
26/06/2019 15:33
brilliant guys
26/06/2019 18:26
Great news
good Job NLD Team hopefully the spark gets the option soon 👍
26/06/2019 21:40
Thank you so very much!
27/06/2019 01:47
You are awesome!
27/06/2019 11:19
Thanks for the boost mod. Uploading worked without problems.
28/06/2019 20:07
So you can adjust the signal output on a mavic 2?
03/07/2019 21:01
awesome work guys. but not really total freedom as at the moment alt limit is still there :( Hopefully this can be eliminated soon.
31/07/2019 23:52