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HERE Maps now working again!

No more "where there HERE am I flying???!" as the HERE maps has now been fixed!
To get it going, you just have to make a new APK and update it on your device.

That was it, short and accurate, afterall Less Is More! :)

Pay close attention to this January as magic will start to happen ;)

@Coldflake - The NLD Team

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03/01/2019 17:18
Please provide detailed instructions on the procedure you mentioned in your announcement!

Thanks for your awesome work guys!!
04/01/2019 07:53
Thank you very much, I just tested, Here maps working fine, also I was able to download offline maps!!!! Waiting for next version!!!!
04/01/2019 10:30
Great News
06/01/2019 09:21
hi, there would be the possibility to include the FCC turbo mode at the frequency of 1.5 watts, in the nld go 4 ??

thank you
07/01/2019 09:44
Hello, wonderful job thank's, but any news about force fcc for mavic 2 pro/zoom?
10/01/2019 12:12
13/01/2019 15:07
I'm a newbie to NLD having now flown 5 batteries these past two days using the NLD-patched version of DJI Go 4. So far, flawless performance except that I was not happy with the HERE Maps. They were blurry and flight-path on the screen was "fat", like drawn with a crayon. I found instructions for switching to Google Maps. I found that the Google Maps is sharper and the flight path also sharp and crisp. 5 stars to the performance of the NLD-DJI Go 4 app!! LUVIT!!