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sabato 8 agosto 2020 02:05:14

How To Activate NLD

2 months ago
#5569 Cita
had the above issues

this is how i fixed it

installed DJI Ass V+2 1.1.22

clik ok for driver signing about 4 times

exit DJI Ass

now plug drone in

switch on NLD

fixed it
Mavic Pro
one month ago
#5679 Cita
hi somehow I,ve set up 2 subscriptions (unknowen )till now …..for a wk trying to figer out y I cant get things like nfz,boost and altitude  turns out I have 2  accounts 1 i pd for and the other I didn't know bout not pd for which is holding up the show. the admins could help me by removing the unessary mod client..(60698)so I can get on with flying my  bird