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domenica 24 marzo 2019 16:11:46

Howto: Rooting DJI Crystal Sky

one month ago
#556 Cita
CantRepeat wrote:
IIRC I had to use the pro version of ES File Explorer.

In the guide.

The copy/overwrite needs to be done with ES Explorer Pro as it handles properly overwriting a file with read/only partitions etc. If you try to modify it directly, the unmodified version would be restored automatically from a cache, erasing your changes.


I followed the instructions and used ES Explorer Pro, but NLD GO 4.1.22CS icon disappears.
one month ago
#599 Cita
I'm about to root my CS but have a question before I move forward.........

Once the CS is rooted and working, how do I revert back to it's original state? Do I just re-flash with the DJI firmware??