7 months ago
#4920 Cita
I used to be able to go to this one park near my home, no NFZ zones for miles... Sometimes I wanted to fly the original Mavic Pro drone just by hand and only using the Remote Controller without having to connect it to any smartphone. It would let me do that and even when the original Mavic went pretty far away where it was only a dot in the sky, I could still bring it back using the parameters displayed on the RC itself in terms of distance to "dead reckon" myself back in the general direction until I could get a clear idea of the Mavic's bearing/heading and bring it back.

With the Mavic 2 Pro, recently I was doing a same flight at the same park and noticed that this time it was like an invisible bounding box or sphere/dome was keeping my Mavic from being able to be flown to any distance away past a short threshold. Of course if I connect it to my phone it allows it to fly further, but I hadn't put the MC2 in "beginner mode" and also hadn't put any kind of distance restrictions on it.

Why is DJI making it so that when just flying the drone with only the controller you cannot even fly it far at all it know is like a $1700 kite with a short string attached?!

Okay just tested and confirmed at night flight with clear skies and no NFZ zones, with the Mavic 1 without app/smartphone I can just use the controller and fly 300 feet high or more and at least 500 feet radius or further... (distance that I could still clearly see the drone lights in the sky) but with the Mavic 2 Pro it limited my height to 99feet and max radius to only 150feet

So basically without a smartphone the Mavic 2 Pro (adveristed at eight kilometer range ) is basically a kite with a 150feet leash?!