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DJI Go4 APK Patcher (NLD Go4)

10 months ago
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scott wrote:
I m thinking you have to flash to V01.03.0200 or above to get the  go4patcher to go

As I understand it there is no patchable version of Go4 for Mavic 2. We will have to wait until OG's add FCC mod to the drone directly in a future patch.
The have said it is coming but got sidetracked by the flashing brick bug. Hopefully FCC soon.

Personally I would like a Go4 version with FCC patch and no phone-home feature. We live in hope 😉
10 months ago
#1203 Cita
Is there official word from Quad or anyone working for NLD that this in fact does not currently work with Mavic 2?
9 months ago
#1222 Cita
Mavic 2 zoom NFZ patched already,  works fine with GO 4.  hoping for NLD go patched soon
9 months ago
#1279 Cita
Hello friends!!!

How do I conclude fcc mode on the gl300e control of the phantom 4 pro) control with the integrated screen)?
If you can pass me the step by step I would be very grateful!

After removing nfz I noticed that sometimes my video transmission hangs a bit ... I want to try fcc to see if it improves ... but I can not delete the radio from the radio .... please help me please ...
6 months ago
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Quad808 wrote:
Recommended NLD GO versions:

Mavic Pro/Platinum - use NLD GO 4.1.22, best one with the most features.
Spark  - if using wifi, use NLD GO 4.1.22, if using OTG, use NLD GO 4.1.14.
All the other birds, use NLD GO 4.1.22.

Can M 2 use NLD GO 4.1.22 ?
5 months ago
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CS2000 wrote:
To achieve some functions such as Fake Login, FCC transmission power and offline maps, NLD can modify DJI Go4 to create a custom app that we call NLD Go4. This app ONLY works on Android phones and not iOS at this time.

IMPORTANT:For our APK patchier to do its magic it needs a supported and original DJI Go App version. Get it the original files below.


4.1.14:  Use this for Sparks using OTG

4.1.22:  Best and recommended for all drones

Once you have your version of choice, click the "Browse" button next to the "Clean" apk box and select the original/clean DJ GO app.

Then click the "Browse" button next to the Output folder. This will be where the modded APK file is to be saved after patching is completed.

Click then on "Apply Patch" and sit back and wait for the patch to complete, this should take no more than a couple of minutes.

Lastly for this step, copy then patched apk-file onto your Android device.  You can save it in the downloads folder.  To install it, first UNINSTALL any GO version you currently have on your device.  Go to Apps, delete cache and then delete files or data for the stock GO app, then delete.  Make sure any DJI folders left over are deleted, then you can install NLD GO.  This ensures a clean install.  You may need to use ES File explorer to install .apks...its free in the app store.

Fake Login Notice!
For Fake Login/Login Bypass to actually work you have to close you internet connection before you install NLD GO and get to the login screen.

Choose Flight/Air plane mode and then just login with any junk data. Type something like "a" without the quotes in Username field. Type "b" without the quotes in Password field.

After you login successfully, enter the NLD GO App, make one change, quit the app, restart your device then you can enable your internet connection again and you can download HERE offline maps just like stock GO.

If you want info on getting this APK onto your CrystalSky tablet, please use this link.

In order for the GO patching to be successful, you must have a solid internet connection to our servers.  This means allow NLD through any firewall and anti-virus programs.  If the patching procedure "stalls", this means that the connection to our servers has stalled or is being blocked.  Keep trying.  You will get there.  If all fails, see if you can try this from a different computer or different network altogether.  99% of problems with patching is because of NLD servers being blocked by the network or your PC.

links are broken, could someone upload 4.1.22 dji go somewhere?

I found link in app to download needed binary file.
5 months ago
#3957 Cita
Excuse me, I'm not too geeky on the radio, I have smart controller and Mavic 2 pro, The smart version is 4.3.24, I don't understand what should I do? It wouldn't be nice to put a video on Youtube where you explain with pictures how to do it? Not everyone knows English and not everyone is good at dealing with the changes. Thank you.
5 months ago
#3964 Cita
any links where I can get 4.1.22???
5 months ago
#3965 Cita
GEORGE wrote:
any links where I can get 4.1.22???

in nld app on windows, there is button to get version which will support patching
5 months ago
#3966 Cita
Dmytro wrote:
any links where I can get 4.1.22???
in nld app on windows, there is button to get version which will support patching

There's the option to browse for the origina 4.1.22... what I understand is that I should have the original apk, bring it to the NLD and the software will patch that apk and give me a new one to use with my android phone, is that right? I'm I missing something? the thing is that I don't have the original APK and the links that someone posted are boken... and what I downloaded from is not the original app so the fotware will not work with that... help