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4 months ago
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iurii wrote:
Good day! purchased this drone Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual + Smart Controller, I can not lower the firmware to 01.00.0400, I have 01.01.0400, not what functions do not work, except for speed modes, what to do??
4 months ago
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You can not measure the signal increase directly while having the drone and the RC on the bench.

The way DJI does their tricks is to use adaptive signal strength, meaning that it turns up the signal strength the further away the drone is.

If it is nearby it will just use the lowest possible strength in FCC mode.
When it gets further away it will jack up the signal strength all the way up to a max of 1.8w

The FCC Boost mod basically just increase the max allowed signal strength.

Conclusion: You can NOT measure it but you can sure as hell see a huge difference in the field.
3 months ago
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Hi! I am attempting to downgrade my bird at the moment but the process has been "stuck" on 99% for about half an hour now??

I don't want to remove/turn off/exit app or anything just in case... can anyone provide further info for me please??
3 months ago
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Quad808 wrote:
Hey Guys,
if you have general questions or comments or just want to post comments, do so in here please!
I have a spark  and have downloaded the nld go 4 .14 but it reads nld dji go 4 why?  and when I adjust settings in the controller to increase val;ues they dont hold  so the spark is still very limited . can anyone help my spark is slow and boreiong

NLD Support will pop in from time to time to help out when we can, but we would really like users to help each other first, since we can't visit everyday.

2 months ago
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I started to downgrade from 400 to 100.  I got an error saying not enough system resources and now the firmware flash gets stuck at 15% every time "Checking Firmware Modules MD5".  My drone is bricked and i'm stuck.  Please, can someone help?