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NLD MOD Client


Signal BOOST for Mavic2x
Enable Signal BOOST for up to between 1.6W to 1.8W signal output depending on connected devices.

NFZv2 for Mavic2x
NFZv2 now also eliminates all NFZs hard coded into the firmware!

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26/06/2019 17:16
NLD V1.9.3.0 NFZv2 for Mavic2x

Please explain, BirdMap shows removal for only one  version of firmware. Does this now mean ALL current versions of firmware NFZv2? If so BirdMap needs an update.

26/06/2019 17:44
NFZv2 for Mavic2x

as David said,I'd like to know if revomal NFZ all fw version for mavic2 ?

26/06/2019 18:12
Strength of signal boost

Congratulations on the new signal boost for M2P. My only problem is that the application (1.9.3) does not let me choose the strength of the signal. The application applies maximum signal strength (18W)

26/06/2019 20:51
FCC & Signal boost

Can FCC and signal boost be used at the same time?
Because I tried to enable FCC first, then enable signal boost, and see that FCC is not working.
If 2 is chosen 1, which one is stronger?

27/06/2019 04:24
Awaiting Update


When us it going to work on the
mavic 2 pro latest version firmware so we do not loose certain good functions that the firmware on the drone has.
That means NLD....will work on the latest dji mavic 2 firmware.

The would be a great app !!!!


Patrick Borg

27/06/2019 09:41
Signal boost test video


27/06/2019 10:37
Fcc or signal boost

What is better, fcc or signal boost to choince?

27/06/2019 13:48
Fcc Vs Boost smart controller

I've just tested the boost MOD and FCC back to back on the dji smart controller, in boost mode it got pretty far but got a lot of glitches and had to move the controller a lot. Switched back to FCC and got a lot further with less glitches, only stopped as it is a windy day and was worried about rth. Suffice to say for users of the smart controller at least, FCC mod wins. Will retry same test within next couple of days with the standard remote, just incase the smart controller is not compatible with boost.

27/06/2019 14:23
Remove NFZ

No option to remove NFZ on latest firmware for M2P, thats not what your headline says.....

27/06/2019 15:56
signal strength

For Information:

CE = 0,09 W
FCC = 0,4 W
Boost = 1,5 W

27/06/2019 17:08
signal strenght

Why did my M2P show 1.2W before applying Boost (FCC only)? Now show 1.8W

28/06/2019 00:38
APK Patch?

I would like to ask if it's necessary to patch APK or whatever you do, flashing M2P is enough? Since if I use FCC 1.8W mod is this is written on remote, bird or app on phone?

Thank you much.

28/06/2019 11:15
APK Patch

You do not need to patch APK. The changes are fix in the firmware. That's enough.

29/06/2019 06:39
Issues with Signal boost

Although I would not expect this happen, and I read a comment with similar issue from another customer... It seems like using Mavic 2 Pro, with standard remote, boosting to 1.8W, actually brings a lot of glitches to the video while the signal looks full in the app... lost video completely at 400m distance. FCC works more smoothly than 1.8W boost. Wondering if the hack over warms the chips and if this has negative influences on the final signal. Tested it multiple times in Greece at the island of Koufonisia. FCC is far more stable. Guys did you mess up this time?

29/06/2019 07:49
NFZv2 for lasted firmware?

As it looks like the NFZ in the current firmware can not remove!?

When comes this option for the current firmware .0400?

29/06/2019 09:17
Issues with Signal boost

Just because you can manipulate a lot of things on the device does not mean that it's good for the device as well.

29/06/2019 16:59

Alientech master booster will make you go for miles . 🔥🔥🔥🛸🛸

02/07/2019 19:24

How do I remove the alltitude restriction

02/07/2019 19:24

How do I remove the alltitude restriction

02/07/2019 19:24

How do I remove the alltitude restriction

03/07/2019 00:59

Does the NFZv2 work with the latest mavic 2 pro firmware?

03/07/2019 01:16
Show some love for P4P

What about the phantom 4 pro?
I'm losing fate😞

03/07/2019 21:33
Signal boost

I am tottaly amazed how good it works. No problem with patching it took me 15 second. and my M2P can fly also in area where there is no open space between M2P and remote (behind building, trees and no signal is lost). Good job guys! I am looking forward to see NFZ on 0400 FW.

07/07/2019 21:08
signal boost

how do you enable signal boost can find setting on remote and i did enable it in the flash

there is no apk out yet to patch that works with mavric 2

any info helps thanks

07/07/2019 21:16
signal boost

Crish: I am not an expert but I follow the next steps.

1. Activate the key for the bird.
2. Restart PC
3. Run NLD as administrator
4. connect bird to USB and turn it on
5. Enable "signal boost" it will take it around 10-15 seconds
6. That's it.

You can see the signal strenght in APP under "menu" - HD - Image transsmition (something like that)

I can confrm it works since I have 4-5 bars of 5 of signal at 6,5 km away .

13/07/2019 17:31
Front LED

Seem to have lost the use of the front LED's after modding drone.

16/07/2019 09:51

I have just purchased your NLD software  Order Number: 47194   for mavic 2 pro
I had activated it ,and  managed to connect to the drone and did all the modifications
My question how ever is, which APK do I have to install in the crystal sky, as I had followed all the instructions till I reched the patcher and
there I encountered a problem with the 4.1.22 CS  for the mavic 2
Or maybe it could work with the original 4.3.2 DJI GO4?

I'd appreciate a quick reply

17/07/2019 23:30
Height limit removal for M2+?

I see NFZ patch for M2+ but don't see any mention of height removal? Thanks. Excited flyer.

27/07/2019 08:20
NLD App Not Running in Window 10

   Can u help me to Run the NLD Software in My Window 10 PC . I Already Purchased Activation Key BY Paying $ 48 .

28/07/2019 18:07
birdmap update!

i and afew others i know are waiting for them to update the map,not going to get any of this till we know if it will work on mp2 zoom i see people saying ya it works but don,t show it in map don,t feel like fighting support after we get key! so guess we wait!

01/08/2019 21:14
NFZ support Phantom 4pro version firmware ?

  NFZ support  Phantom 4pro  version  firmware ?

08/08/2019 01:19

Did you solve the problem?

I am using mavic pro 2 so far with the last firmware and DJI go4 last version. The original firmware i get with the dron hat no altitude limit (5000m), no its is 500m and i am even fine with that, on my first fly i just tray out 700m but its only good for a nice sunset picture. I am so far most interest for a signal boost because i am in a CE country i start having glitches at 1,5km and losing signal totally at 2,8km at open in a  mountainous region far from. So i would like spend the money for NLD mod to have FCC. Thankful for any suggestion.

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