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NLD MOD Client

vendredi 19 avril 2019

Bugfix rel.

Connection problems fixed
32-bit versions of windows were unable to detect the device, that has now been fixed.

NFZ patch fixed Spark
NFZ patch were not applied correctly for Spark, that has also been fixed.

Remove NFZ patch option Mavic 2
A few users had problems with the NFZ patch for various reasons.
Removing it and re-applying it will do the trick.
Therefore we added a button for the purpose! :)

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20/04/2019 13:16

The main reason I got NLD was for the altitude restriction removal. Any idea when this will be available for m2?
DJI go patch is Greyed out, not sure if me or the app yet, still working on it..
And the flight controller settings actually cause sport mode to be slower than p mode for some reason.

21/04/2019 01:48
High priority

Altitude removal has a high priority but it takes a little more research to come up with a safe deployable solution.

Regarding speed mod being slower, are you kind and please open a ticket with support regarding the issue?
In any case, you can pull the sliders go to the max.

22/04/2019 22:00
iOs app


When can we expect an iOs app to be available ? I payed for the mod and I can't use it.

24/04/2019 12:38
Frequency switching

I wonder if it is possible to switch to another frequency in the 2G-band, such as 2,53Ghz? :)

26/04/2019 14:25
Flashing stuck

New NLD mod client 1901 compatbility issues on windows 7 64bit.  Now that has been fixed.  When flashing spark to 1000 firmware, its stuck at 86%.  Not sure what to do at this point

29/04/2019 01:36

AT the moment this app is of no use because to use the NFZ The firmware as to be V01.0.0100 but you lose waypoints and Precision Landing not worth it at momment. the main reason I bought this app was for FCC Mode but no go Thanks for any Help

01/05/2019 04:19
How to tell NLD MOD client version?

How can I find the NLD MOD client version running on my phone?

01/05/2019 21:28

I have the mavic pro last time I updated it was on January or feburary.  Do I have to update it? Or there are no updates for regular mavic pros

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