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NLD MOD Client

mercredi 17 avril 2019

The major milestone release 1.9 is finally out!

Fully rewritten app code
The app has been completely rewritten from the ground and up.
We have stopped using assistant for commuinicating with the drone and are now using DJI's own language called DUML.
NLD does not rely on any third party applications any more, and everything is done from within the NLD MOD Client itself.
Finally we have encapsulated all the new stuff into a framework so that we can implement new features extremely fast with already working code.

Mavic 2 support
NLD MOD Client now finally support the Mavic 2 series!
Remove NFZ is supported
Firmware flashing to any version
FCC + signal boost is up for release in a few days ;)

NFZ Patching remade
NFZ patching for all birds has been fully remade

New solid firmware flasher
dumlDore has been written out and replaced with our own native code for firmware flashing.
Flash from any firmware to any firmware in one single pass.
Go from latest firmware to the oldest firmware also in one single pass.

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18/04/2019 00:36
NFZ can't patch

i use spark, and i cant patch my NFZ.. please help me

18/04/2019 02:09
FCC for M2

Hope you can come out with an FCC patch for the M2 soon! Happy to see its release, just waiting for the features and version to catch up now.

18/04/2019 05:19

A big Thank you to all of the OG and rest of the Gang for all the hard work that went into this version. Looking forward to some real smooth flying.


18/04/2019 07:45
Trouble downgrading firmware...STUCK!

Anybody know a good work around on downgrading M2 to v01.00.0100? Can't get past 1% with the GoApp or Assistant 2 program on Windows. Just keep getting "update fail". Super frustrated. Please need help with this.

18/04/2019 08:36
Win10-64 bit w?Spark

Upgraded last night on 1st release.. It hangs on startup at "Getting FC info..."
I did a ticket, just saying.

18/04/2019 13:01

Trying to connect to my Mavic 2 controller, NLD Client can't seem to see the controller

18/04/2019 13:15

It does not work to remove the altitude restriction of the Mavic2 even though I was promised I am disappointed to release the source and I finish it.

19/04/2019 00:07
Connect dji device to USB

I am grounded ... yes I can not use the drone because doesn't recognizes my USB port. support says because your computer is old you need OS 10 (I hate OS 10) the whole reason why I wanted to mod my drone was to help a flooded area with some aerial support now this is 4 day  I can NOT use the drone. I wanted to say great job you guys and thank you for helping me out but I can not say it.

19/04/2019 02:09
news Inspire 2

what news for INSPIRE 2 ???
please good job.

19/04/2019 04:58

Spark issue fixed, and no need to update the app!

FCC + signal boost for M2 is up within a few days!

Juan Fernando: No, it is not fake, you obviously failed to look at the compatibility/bird map prior to purchase if that is an issue for you.

19/04/2019 05:40

Filip! If You are on Win 7 like me

Right click on application -> Properties -> compatibility -> Enable compatibility mode and choose from drop down menu windows 7 and apply


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Bug fixes!
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Root the M2 so that files in the operating system are modifyable without being rolled back. MAVIC 2 Root
Obtain root on the latest MAVIC AIR firmware MAVIC AIR Root
$1 225 / $3K
Donated ~ 1 months ago
Make anti-rollback possible from V01.00.0400 MAVIC AIR Anti-Rollback
$580 / $2K
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