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vendredi 29 mai 2020 21:06:45

remove NLD

8 days ago
#5475 Citation
Hello, how to remove nld mod and disable fss on maviс 2?
the update does not help, your mod does not work.
7 days ago
#5486 Citation
Update your bird with DJI tool and your bird will be back in original state.

Why do you want to reactivate NFZ, remove boost, etc?
"My secret is cod..."
7 days ago
#5487 Citation
I do not see signal amplification. Updated the firmware from DJI to 510, but the line in the graph shows FCC.
7 days ago
#5489 Citation
@ Marat

go to .400 with DJI assistant... patch the FCC with NLD....

after this, you can update to the .510 again. the FCC stayed at the bird !

works 100% on my M2