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samedi 19 septembre 2020 11:03:52

NLD not seeing drone at all

8 months ago
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I downloaded the current software and followed all directions. When I plugged in my Mavic pro, the software did not "see" the drone. It continually says in the bottom left corner to connect DJI device. I started the software as Administrator and tried several different USB cables with no luck. My device manager says CDC serial and DJI device, but with exclamation points. What am I doing wrong
8 months ago
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Same issue and know one around to answer. I think the softwares connect to a server and the server is down. IDK

I am just upgrading to DJI latest. at lease I know I get support if needed. This is was a good solution but just too risky and no help.
8 months ago
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Why are you spamming the forums with nonsense about no support?  Open a ticket and you will get a response.

If NLD is not detecting the drone it is due to possibly 3 things:

1. bad cable
2. NLD can connect to the drone, but can't connect to our NLD servers (not likely)
3. You don't have the correct DJI device drivers installed in your windows OS.  This is the most common problem.

If you have a M2, install DJI Assistant V2.0.10

If you have any of the other birds install DJI Assistant 1.2.5 -

Run Assistant.  If DJI Assistant detects your drone, so will NLD.