9 months ago
#4919 Citation


Anyone else with Mavic 2 notice that recently after update the frontal obstacle avoidance cannot even be turned off when sliding the RC controller to sports mode?

This means when flying indoor or close quarters, can no longer override the obstacle avoidance and fine tune the positioning of the drone like I always could do in the past when switching to sports mode.

What is going on?

I was flying Mavic 2 Pro indoor for testing (which I've done dozens of times before) but tonight noticed even when cycling the physical switch on the right side of the RC to Sport mode repeatedily, in tight quarters it will refuse to go forward or backward direction stating it sees obstacle, but will let me move to the side to side. It used to be immediately when setting sport mode that all OA was turned off. This doesn't seem to be the case anymore.

When I toggle the switch from normal to sports mode I hear the beep on the RC each time. So I know the button wasn't broken.

Also I was flying only with the controller and not a smartphone.

this has never been the case before, I've always been able to just use the RC by itself when flying indoors. My house is not near an airport or any kind of NFZ zone of any sort. I'm literally standing a few feet almost arms length distance away from the drone, taking off from the living room, and hovering about 4 foot about the air, should not be any reason for a "height/distance is limited if you take off without an app connected " etc

So no one else can confirm or deny that on latest firmware for Mavic 2 pro that if they take off in their own living room or crowded bedroom and JUST use the RC without an app and switch to sports mode that OA will now override and disallow the forward and backwards movements?