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samedi 19 septembre 2020 12:09:49

v01.00.0510 is released .......DO NOT UPGRADE

9 months ago
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Daniel wrote:

You can use DJI Assistant to downgrade from 510, but once 510 has been on your bird, NLD will NOT apply the FCC mod, regardless of what firmware you put on it.

Offcourse it works, ive done it myself!!! If you apply the patch on .400 after the update to 510 it remains there :)....just try it, dont talk without doing it like ive wrote!

I did it exactly that way and ran directly in to the 15% issue - meaning the installing NLD freezes at 15%. Luckly the NLD crew refunded my payment. I'm sad that NLD doesn't work anymore but I'm happy the the NLD guys are so fair!
8 months ago
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Soo, anybody tried to downgrade from 0510 and got FCC to work?
8 months ago
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I can help clear this up once and for all.
Posting this on 12/29/19

On our birdmap, it will show that .0510 FCC mode is possible BUT...
ONLY if you had FCC mode working on .0400, then used DJI Assistant or DJI GO to upgrade your firmware to .0510.
This is the ONLY way to have FCC mode working on .0510.

If your bird came with any other firmware than .0100 and you try and downgrade with NLD and get stuck at 15%, then you are on "locked" firmware courtesy of DJI and currently NLD can't help you with NFZ removal or FCC mode.

If you are lucky and CAN downgrade with NLD to .0400 or below and get past 15%, then you are on good firmware and NLD is for you.  You can downgrade to .0100 and remove NFZ.
If this is you, only use NLD to upgrade or downgrade firmware, DO NOT USE DJI assistant or DJI GO to upgrade or downgrade firmware.  You will end up with locked firmware.

We are working on the firmware to unlock it.  It is slow going, since all DJI firmware is encrypted, and difficult to unlock mods.  DJI monitors everything we do and takes action in firmware to stop any NLD mods from working.
8 months ago
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I installed on firmware 400 FCC and boost . Will the boost mode work after upgrading to 510 firmware?
8 months ago
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Received new MP2Z. Shipped with 1.00.0510. Disappointed. Really hoping the forthcoming NLD 2.0 upgraded software client will be released alongside an unlock for this fw. Drone won’t even takeoff. Am only interested in the NFZ patch.