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mardi 28 janvier 2020 16:24:44

Galileo satellite patch for all dji drones (spark,pro 1, pro 2 , etc)

4 months ago
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I think Galileo support would be helpful for the models above and the models currently supported via the bird map. I know this has been done with other software mods(seen this on the spark) but It would be best if it was available in NLD. More satellites will offer better position accuracy.
4 months ago
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It was back in May 2018 that we were teased with this but up to now nothing. I wish it would happen.
Even smart phones have 4 GPS location systems. Like my Galaxy S9.
GPS, Galileo, Glonass, BeiDou
In fact now the new Huawei P30 Pro has 5 systems.
GPS (L1 + L5 Dual Band) / AGPS / Glonass / BeiDou / Galileo (E1 + E5a Dual Band) / QZSS (L1 + L5 Dual Band)
3 months ago
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2 months ago
#4268 Citation
Just use superpatcher its easy to use and free no point waiting for these like others have said they say things are coming but never do.
2 months ago
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I paid for NLD, for my Mavic Pro, back in April 2018. I have been patient, waiting for Galileo patch, I am sure I can wait a little longer.
I will give it till January.
28 days ago
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So admin we paid for this app will the sat support be added or have we been forgotten :(
22 days ago
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It still is coming, but other priorities got in the way, MP2 for example.

Galileo support is "cool" but its not necessary since GPS does work, all Galileo does is slightly decrease GPS lock times and slightly increase the resolution of the GPS data. Because of this, its not a "killer feature" and is worked on as and when time allows around other more important aspects such as Mavic Mini, Mavic Pro 2 and NLD 2.0.

As a side note. Dont flash some random firmware that some guy on the internet tells you does something. At least with NLD, you have control over what it does and the firmware we flash is unmolested DJI stock firmware.
18 days ago
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Hello, as we are downgrading from .0400 to .0100 so I can unlock nfz. Are we close?