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NLD MOD Client

Donnerstag, 3. Januar 2019

HERE Maps key has been replaced in the APK patcher thus making HERE Maps working again.
ATTENTION: You need to make a new patched APK and replace any existing NLD GO APK on your phone/tablet with the fresh one.

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04.01.2019 02:34

How long does it stay on 2% when patching. Mine has been sat at 2% for about 40 minutes.

04.01.2019 03:09
NLD go4

Tam i have the same problem. When i see it hangs in a percentage %  i close mavic restart NLD and try again. I take 3 or 4 times to finish patch apk. A long time but i dont now why.

05.01.2019 11:22
GO patching

You need a good internet connection back to NLD for the patching to complete.  Also make sure you allow NLD through any firewall and antivirus programs when you use it.  Keep trying, you will get there.

05.01.2019 14:20
here maps wrong side

why is the position of the map so weird on the right an empty fielt and on the left the here map shoudnt that all be right ?

06.01.2019 07:20

i just downloaded everything yesterday . working great but my map doesnt show up. im using the .22 version nldapp with the 1.3.700 firmware

14.01.2019 07:54

Be sure to start it up with an internet connection for a few minutes and allow it to download the maps. This worked for me. It just showed a black screen instead of a map until I got back online for a few minutes.

17.01.2019 08:09
Bought app and still waiting

When is the mavic 2 app comeing

18.01.2019 06:20
New patched apk

I have tried several times to patch my apk with out success. My question is do I need the patched apk of I use litchi?
Thanks in advance

21.01.2019 08:15
Not work fcc mode

The last app once patched, not work in fcc range.

04.02.2019 21:53
New apk

For some reason that I can not figure out for the life of me is how to do this. I patched the app the first time with no issues, but I have tried several times now to do it again and it will not work for me. I have no idea how I done it the first time... Thanks in advance to anyone that can possibly help me or point me in the right direction...

18.03.2019 20:07
How to use

Trying to find tutorial on how to use this program correctly can someone please point me in the right direction thank you

NLD MOD Client Donnerstag, 3. Januar 2019
HERE Maps Fixed!
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