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Samstag, 24. Oktober 2020 14:26:16

NLD 2.0 is here

2 months ago
#5900 Zitieren
So my Mavic Pro 2 is on 510. My big wish is to remove the NFZ. Is that working on the new program?
2 months ago
#5902 Zitieren
Mike wrote:
So my Mavic Pro 2 is on 510. My big wish is to remove the NFZ. Is that working on the new program?

2 months ago
#5903 Zitieren
Gokhan wrote:
Please let me know if you know if you were successful in downgrading from .670
If your drone have antiroll back then you can only downgrade to .510

I tried by myself

My drone is Mavic 2 pro with .300 with antiroll back.

but the last update .670 have longer transmission range and solve some gimble issues.
Now I am on .670 and applied the FCC mod and 1.6w , also modified the parameters for normal and sport mode.

So i know the FCC mod, but what is that 1.6w boost? Or Boost mode what is The difference with 1.6w boost and FCC mode??

FCC mod make your drone all time on FCC regardless where your location is.
Boost mod will change the power of the transmission to maximum of 1.6w ( 1600mW) so you can get more range (or in right words less interference from other 2.4gHz and 5.8gHz.)

I am with you guys in same ship waiting for downgrade to .100 and can feel how it is so frustrating not to have what you get promised from NLD.
2 months ago
#5904 Zitieren
guohao wrote:
My drone is mavic pro,After I saw that the latest nld version supports the latest version of my DRONE firmware,i bought this software.
    But what was disappointing was that I linked my drone yesterday and clicked into the FCC mode with the instructions,The software then prompts you for success.But when I checked the remote control and found that FCC mode was not on,the two height lines on the signal display were still in the same position and did not rise.
    now I don't know what's going on here and I hope to get an answer from the official.

I am not the official but will try to help.

hi guohao.
sorry because my drone is mavic 2
try several times because I see sometime nld did not apply the mod correctly.
do not forget to off the drone with each time you fail to apply mod( I mean if you try to apply mod and it failed then you disconnect usb  and off drone then on and try again.)
2 months ago
#5918 Zitieren
Hello there,

I am first of all a little disappointed that i have not been able to use your software till your latest version 2 came out not to log ago. I bought it a few months ago and have yet been able to make any use of it. Had to wait for Version 2. Once it came out i was able to test it out on my drone all to discover that the NFZ is still there.

I have a Mavic Pro 2. Could you please help am i doing something wrong. Right now it looks like from my research all i can do with your software is speed boots which is not a big deal to me.

I orginally had .670 which i assume is the latest. I downgraded not to log ago from the DJI manf app because i had issues with NFZ on the newer version. It would tigger false notifications and I was never able to bypass it like i've done in the pass. Once i downgraded it to the last version it would work. I would still get NFT warnings but i was able to check those boxes and get past it without issues.

Just yesterday i decided and found out Version 2 was out so i was like ypeee i can use this program finally. I decided to go back to the latest version .670 tested it out last nigh around the house and it appears to still work dispite the NFZ warning. It seemed to also do the check box bypass without issues this time. I have't ventured out recently to check it it will do the same thing as before a few bocks or even 2 miles or so down the road.

I still want to see the NFZ fixed or something. Because i've lost some valuable time lately being able to shoot in spots where long ago when i had the previous version i was without issue and now .670 gives me all shorts of shitty issues with it.

I will keep testing .670 version that installed via NLD app which right now seems to of done something to the issue i had previously with .670 and the DJI install.

Please advise and if i am doing something wrong right now i feel i've wasted 35 EUROs for nothing.
2 months ago
#5934 Zitieren
I applyed FCC mode by NLD mod 2.0 on my Mavic 2 Pro with 01.00.0510 but nothing changed. Why it doesn't work on my Mavic 2 Pro?
2 months ago
#5936 Zitieren
it seems that V2.0.0.1 is out. Any one tested it yet? It says some thing with NFZ removal for Mavic 2 but not sure which Firmware or all firmware ??

any one gave it a shot ?
2 months ago
#5940 Zitieren
I just tested the Firmware and I was able to fully downgrade from 1.670 to 1.510.  With I think it got stuck at 75% and couldn't fully downgrade.  Now at least it went back to 1.510.  It still gets stuck at 15% for all the lower versions.  

The FCC Boost mode is also still not working.  There is an error that displays and asks me to reboot the drone.  Rebooted with no difference.  Basically this update hasn't done anything...
2 months ago
#5943 Zitieren
Hey there NLD.  So now that we’ve heard the incredible frustration and disappointment with V2 NLD client, and that we can’t use it to downgrade to v.100.  Can you please let us downgrade from this incredibly disappointing v2.0 and go back to using v1.9 on our drones?  How ironic that NLD is made to hack into DJI to be able to downgrade the FW...when we can’t downgrade NLD from v.2 to v1.9...the one that actually worked!!!

I’ve actually ordered an EVO II Pro to test out.  I think it could very well be worth the extra $300 to be able to upgrade the fw and not have to worry about all this hacking crap.

2 months ago
#5944 Zitieren
Spider Web Design wrote:
The new 2.0 is not working at all on my Mavic 2 Pro.  I was running 1.510 I tried Boost with no luck.  I've tried downgrading with no luck.  None of the new features are working.  What could be wrong..?

you can't modify from that firmware..and that firmware has extra security features DJI has installed in it..