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Freitag, 23. Oktober 2020 21:09:34

Cant downgrade 0330 firmware

2 months ago
#5806 Zitieren
I did all the downgrade but 0330 is not downgrade
Namely ;

seems to be downloading but does not go into installation

Stays at 0%

Why ? I made it in the previous nldapp version
2 months ago
#5807 Zitieren

After downloading 100%, it stays reset and stays at this stage
2 months ago
#5815 Zitieren
Same issue still..
15 days ago
#6220 Zitieren
You can't download it with NLD, you have to download it by other way than NLD. After that, when you have it so you can use NLD to flash your Inspire2 with 01.00.0330 firmware.