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#6302 Zitieren
CantRepeat wrote:
To restore a system image to your CS you must have a rooted CS with working ADB.

Note: The system.img file does not need to be from the CS you are trying to restore but, it must be from the same size.
That is you can't use a system.img file form a 7.85 on 5.5 CS or vice versa.

Copy the system.img file to an sd card and put sd card in slot 1 on the CS.

With the correct system.img file on your sd card and the card in slot 1 begin with an adb shell to the cs.

On your computer do

adb shell

Now get root going.


I like to do these commands at the root so do this command.

cd /

Use the following command to copy the system.img file back into the CS file system.

dd if=/mnt/external_sd1/system.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p10

Reboot the CS and you should have a working CrystalSky again.

Thanks for saving my ass ahead of time with the Linux style DD save image, if I wasn't used to using dd in Linux i may have skipped over that. An app had a major problem that wasn't fixable, or bootable after that, looked online and litteraly everyone had to send back to DJI. Had me worried for a second dd restore was talking forever, was on dji contemplating buying the ultra bright went back into my room and it was done restoring system.bin, rebooted and working perfect, and saved me a paycheck. Thanks again for mentioning that backup/restore.