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Participate in the BOUNTY HUNT as either a donor or bounty hunter!
To help speed up the process, put in a donation where you want to see some progress done.

The NLD BOUNTY HUNT is a great way for users to let their voice be heard while significantly boosting motivation with those who can make it happen!
MAVIC 2 Root

Root the M2 so that files in the operating system are modifyable without being rolled back.


Obtain root on the latest MAVIC AIR firmware

MAVIC AIR Anti-Rollback

Make anti-rollback possible from V01.00.0400

Bounty Hunt Rules
To conduct a successful and safe bounty hunt, there has to be some rules both to protect No Limit Technology LTD and you. Before participating in any NLD sponsored bounty hunt, you must agree to abide by these rules at all times.

Rule Number 1 is, as always, respect the rules. Operate within the rules set forth below (which may change without notice, so check back regularly) you’re welcome to speak to us if in strong disagreement with the rules, but they’re here for a reason.
Scope of Bounty & Code of Conduct
For the avoidance of doubt, all hacks performed in pursuit of the bounty must be performed on your own hardware. If you paid for the device, or have agreement from its legal owner to use it, then its fair game.

We cannot stress enough that ANY DJI servers, hardware, facilities, staff or contractors etc are out of scope. You cannot use social engineering, blackmail, extortion or any other nefarious methods to extract information from representatives or employees of SZ DJI Technology Co., Ltd or any of its supplies or third parties. You hack on your own hardware only.

Any discoveries reported that break these rules will not be counted, and no bounty will be released. We also reserve the right to contact the relevant authorities if we see fit.

Bounty Payments
No Limit Technology LTD kickstarts each bounty with an significant amount. From there it is crowd funded by user donations until a set target amount has been reached or the bounty has been claimed. We are a non-US based entity and as such can transfer money worldwide. Payments will be made via PayPal ONLY.

Minors are welcome to participate in the program. However, the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act restricts our ability to collect personal information from children under 13, so you will need to claim your bounties through your parent or legal guardian if you are 12 or younger.

All payments will be made in Euro. You are responsible for the tax consequences of any bounty you receive, as determined by the laws of your country.