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Saturday, December 15, 2018 7:44:05 AM

NLD no NFZ flash possible on firmware V01.00.1000

14 days ago
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Dear NLD-Support,

with new software version NLD
it isn't possible to flash the NFZ into the Spark with firmware V01.00.1000 ,
although this should be possible according to your announcement and  BirdMap.

The flashing process hangs on "DUMLDORE NFZ STARTING..........."

Then patched back to previous firmware V01.00.0900
and flashing the NFZ with NLD again.

So there must be an issue NLD with latest Spark firmware V01.00.1000.

Thank you in advance for taking care of it.

Thanks and regards
14 days ago
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I have exactly the same problem.

No problem to flash firmware V01.00.1000 twice, but then I can't remove NFZ. NLD stucks at Starting DUMLdore NFZ :-/
12 days ago
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Exactly the same problem with Mavic Pro. Hangs in the same place.
6 days ago
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I have opened a ticket now.
6 days ago
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I had the same problem as well. After downgrading to V01.00.0900 it worked great. The NFZ issue was the reason I purchased NLD and I am thankful to get the NFZ patch installed. I will be watching to see when I can use it with the latest firmware. Thanks for the hard work.
3 days ago
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Yep same here too. Tried it twice and it seems the newest .1000 firmware causes a stall when trying to do the NFZ patch... I went back to .900 firmware.

Anyone know if there is any major difference between the .1000 and .900 firmware? I can't really tell...