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Saturday, June 19, 2021 5:35:51 PM

Mavic 2 And NLCApp Error.

16 days ago
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When I start the NLDApp.exe application, an error message pops up after a while:
Access violation at adress 00533E60 in module NLDApp.exe Read of address 00000000
I tried to restart the drone many times, even the computer and it does not do anything. I see this error all the time and cannot change the speed settings. They are gray.
15 days ago
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I have same problem

I opened a support ticket (no response)
10 days ago
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Hello Rafał,

We are working on the fix for the Mavic 2 on the .0770 firmware. In the meantime if you downgrade to .670 the bug is gone and you can adjust the speed settings.
8 days ago
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Unfortunately I am frustrated with support for customers who have purchased NLD software.

I know how much the pandemic has hurt everyone.

I know that many are still having to work alone and at homeoffice but I can't help but register my frustration when I opened a ticket for NLD support 2 months ago (May/06/21) and until today there is no solution.

I think that a company's image is directly associated with how it handles problems for its customers.

I'm starting to think that NLD support will only be for those who buy hardware and not software like me.

Why don't you remove the Fw-770 from the program?
6 days ago
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DJI releases new firmware all the time for all of their drone models.
We support most DJI drones and not only Mavic 2.
It can be a little challenging to be ahead of everything when they release for all devices at once while making significant changes to them as well.

It does not mean that we do not care or are Corona struck or anything.

Currently, you can downgrade to the previous firmware to enable NLD to work properly until we have released an update that will solve the problem.