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Monday, May 10, 2021 3:35:36 AM

Newbie using NLD...need some help.

16 days ago
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Hi Guys, I recently bought over a Mavic Pro with NLD installed by the previous owner.
I'd like some help as I am using this as a new user. I accessed the unit itself via the USB cable but I only see DCIM and MISC folders in the drone itself. Upon opening the filed named MISC, there were other folders (IDX, LOG, THM and XCODE). The only folder with content is THM with a document named GIS.

How can I go about getting what's needed to use NLD again. The drone is registered with NLD.

Hope someone can help.
Thanks in advance.
10 days ago
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Kenneth wrote:
U need to login using the previous owner login details

Hi Sir, thanks for your reply.
How should we (the previous owner and myself) go about doing this?

What do we need to do then?

Would be very grateful and appreciative if you could help to guide me.....
What does the previous owner need to do to convert his access of NLD into mine?

Really appreciate your help.
Thanks and best regards.
8 days ago
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Kenneth wrote:
U need the previous owners account with NLD that was registered email and password

Ok, but I have registered my email can we convert the details and what are the steps I need to take?
The previous owner and myself are living a considerable distance apart.
8 days ago
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U need the previous owners account details to mod ur drone not urs as u haven’t purchased a licence from NLD