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Saturday, April 17, 2021 7:59:00 AM

Error removal

10 days ago
#6483 Quote
DJI new products mavic mini, air air2  all have some database that when changing a camera or mainboard will give an error even though everything works fine. Some seem to think that it is a serial number based on the camera or mainboard and registered in a database/file on board.
I have talked with many other repair shops and they are having the same problem. I have no problem paying for your services please look at my account I have purchased a lot of licenses (for customers) :) And this would be a lifesaver
9 days ago
#6484 Quote
They store the serial numbers in the RPMB of the emmc chip.
However, some progress are being made obtaining the keys so it could perhaps be done.

Could you please also make a support ticket so that I have something to work with and give you updates on the progress.