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Saturday, April 17, 2021 6:50:41 AM

Phantom4 Pro v2.0 ,Can NFZ be removed perfectly?

14 days ago
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My English is not good
I used to remove Nfz For mavic2 zoom, but the pan tilt often shakes. Camera strike at critical time.
I want to buy a new drone.Phantom4 Pro v2.0,Can NFZ be removed perfectly(01.00.5200)?
I hope there will be no abnormal shaking of the universal joint.Because the new plane is only ver2.0,I don't really want to buy second hand Ver1.0.

(chinese)我曾经用NLD软件为mavic2 zoom移除Nfz,但是云台经常抖动。摄像机在关键时刻拍摄的镜头都成废镜头了.
我想买一辆新的无人机.Phantom4 Pro v2.0,NFZ能被完美删除吗(01.00.5200),我希望万向节不会有异常晃动。因为新飞机只有 v2.0版,我不想买二手的1.0版
14 days ago
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这里这个不行,的换另外一个工具完美解禁,对于4P2.0,wode QQ:723414116
13 days ago
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Yes it can be removed completely.
We are releasing an update that also removes nfz on the latest firmware as well.

NFZ is a little different in China but we also support that fully.