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Saturday, April 17, 2021 8:01:38 AM

DJI mini 2

16 days ago
#6452 Quote
Hi, new to this NLD software. Wanted to know if it can be used for a DJI mini 2? It is not mentioned in the compatibility tab.
14 days ago
#6459 Quote
Hi Julie,

We are working as fast as we can in order to support the Mavic Mini 2!
This model is not currently supported in NLD. Always check the birdmap to see what models we support and what can be done on each firmware version.

If you don't see the model listed there, that means it is not supported.

We are taking a look at the Mavic Mini 2 and seeing what can be done to it.

Keep in mind that DJI doesn't like you modding your purchase and they have taken security steps in their firmware to stop this from happening.

Any support news will be announced on our blog.