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Monday, May 10, 2021 3:44:44 AM

Mavic custom flight controller and FCC

7 months ago
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guohao wrote:
It appears that my topic about the patch has been deleted.
Does anyone got luck with the Flight Controller and FCC patch?
I'm using firmware 1.04.0500 and the patch does not work in the Mavic Pro. Tried several times with others firmwares as well with no success.i have the same problem

Same here.
6 months ago
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Eric wrote:
Also having problems with the FCC and Boost, also my MODS for more aggressive flight are poor, lost all my speed and my max is 19 to 20 mph, no more radical pitch of 55 to max 60.

Need a little help please.

Anybody  have the. Fix im new and not happy
6 months ago
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all these updates are coming out yet the fcc boost is still not functioning... dont know what to do over here!
mantas sibitis