7 months ago
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Here is my experience with NDL.
I buy license because of FCC. I need more power because of terrain here.
I didn't have to much problem with upgrade drone and create NDL GO 4.1.22
I use sony ZX2 with android 10.
First I try altitude limit. Without problem I reach 1500m waw! After this I try horizontal limit.  Same as before. I also try to active boost mode. The same.
I aslo note, that NDL GO crash every few minute :(
I try also on my old sony Z5 with android 7. On first flight it work stable.  But when I lost signal it is not reconnected back. On DJI googles I got picture also command work.
NDL GO also promise to not need to login DJI account? Not true! Promice google map. Not true. HERE maps only.

so it is worth of 35€ ??