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Thursday, July 29, 2021 5:24:26 PM

Phantom 4 Pro Plus (P4P+)

one year ago
#5758 Quote
Hi there

I know tried several things to get litchi and other apps running on the P4P+ controller and also want to use the NLD on it.

Anyone has an actual guide/tutorial or can help with getting this going on a P4P+ RC?

one year ago
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Updated the GL300E Firmware to and video transmission is good again. Had to newly root the device with mobilego and also lost google apps. Chainfire was still installed but failed uppon installing google apps. So I deleted it and tried to reinstall what failed again because of insufficient storage.

So i tried to delete cache again. But no, after the firmware update the cache option under storage is gone.

Somebody knows how to clear the cache like on the old versions?