10 months ago
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So...after much research and time, I believe I have a solution for the disappearing NLD Icon disappearing act.
Just a little background - I followed the directions in the Guides to the letter.  Emailed NLD support.  All with no success.  That damn ICON kept disappearing.

Root your CS as per the instructions in the Guides.
Install ES Pro Explorer from here: https://esfileexplorer.pro/apk/.  The app store doesn't have the correct version.  Download it instead.
Install Nova Launcher - App Store
Install Terminal - App Store.  This is used to un-hide the ICON using -> su -c "pm enable dji.pilot.pad".  This allows you to add the ICON using NOVA Launcher.
Using ES Pro - edit the file /data/data/dji.system.launcher/shared_prefs/dji.system.launcher.xml and change the dji.go.v4 to dji.go.pad
MAKE SURE TO SAVE when you exit.
Add the NLD Icon to the home screen of Nova Launcher.
Re-boot CS with your controller connected.
Wait until you are asked which app to run..select NLD app Always.
Re-boot CS


I have to rotate my CS screen every boot...but not a problem.  Hope this helps others.