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Saturday, April 17, 2021 8:11:04 AM

Setting up my spark help

11 months ago
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I am new to the drone scene. Bought NLD but i am lost. Every time i downgrade to 300 and get ready to fly, as i go on DJI GO app it says i need to download new firmware which takes me back to the stock firmware the drone came with. I need help setting up everything. Thanks in advance
11 months ago
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Hey Vinse,

Just ignore the update that DJI Go4 is asking you to perform. If you cant, then make sure you set your phone to Airplane mode before you open the app and then it cannot check for drone updates.
11 months ago
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hey brotha, I tried to fly spark and wont let me fly at all even after putting the phone on airplane mode. do I need to patch the go app? can you give me some guidance how to get my spark going? its been a headache trying to get this to work. its been locked, so I go back to stock firmware, I hope you can help in more details what to do. thanks in advance
10 months ago
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I am having a problem,  I downgraded from 01.00.1000 to Firmware 01.00.300, Now I am getting a locked message and I need to upgrade through DJI site before I can fly. I have put my phone into Airplane mode before starting and I still get the same warning.

The link above are screenshots of the warnings.

Can someone help me out with this, I have tried everything (I think)  and I read through the guide and I can't find a solution.

Thank you
8 months ago
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So....   no help here??

Two months later..