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Monday, May 10, 2021 3:49:22 AM

NLD Works , but lost Track/Vision Features

one year ago
#5287 Quote
Downgraded to 01.03.0700 , successfully :-)
Flew using original Go4 , patched Go 4 and Litchi , with no altitude , Successfully :-)

But I have lost capacity to use Active Track / Drone Modes etc , just get SYS ERROR when I try to do a Rocket / Helix / Active Track Mode :-(

I've recallibrated sensors in Assistant 2 ,

Am i missing something ?

11 months ago
#5414 Quote
These new features come in two parts, support in the firmware of the drone, and support in the DJI Go4 app itself. If you downgrade your drone firmware to before when this feature was released, the app cant tell the drone to perform a smart flying feature so it doesnt work. This should be addressed soon however.