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Thursday, July 29, 2021 4:21:45 PM

Still no alt fix on mavic 2?

one year ago
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I live in steep mountains, which makes this drone a massively expensive paperweight...cant use it for my business, and am about to sell it and build my own long range solution, if there isnt an altitude fix available by now.

Funny, i was looking at matrices and inspires, along with a dji partnership for next year, no chance in hell now.

How the hell can i do search and rescue with ski resorts, and local pd, when i cant get halfway up the mountain,on their platform?
one year ago
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Well, i have to say i only registered to respond to you good sir. But have you thought about the possibiility of initiating your search and rescue missions from the top of your resort? then youd have absolutely no issues about your height cap. they dont limit the negative altitude...or if you dont have a nice toasty flight location at the top then id say for right now you could atleast be 1640 ft below the peak and still be okay...
one year ago
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I appreciate the reply, but it wasnt any help....its ridiculous that ppl take time to put in their 2 cents, without addressing the question. Its just shit slinging and "dont do this". yes, for certain jobs, i have access to launches that are high enough. Unfortunately, when you live in mountains, they can be rugged, steep, and have no roads. When everything around you is 3-6000 ft tall, 1600 ft aint shit. You ever drive a logging road in the winter?!

dji can get fucked. I ended up building my own LR quadcopter, running pixhawk and 2.4. No alt limit, and currently pushing 5 miles. I know you probably meant it in the kindest way, but its insulting to have someone explain to me how the alt works on these craft. >_>
one year ago
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Nice job building your own..  Im considering trying to learn now or purchasing Autel Evo II when it comes out because I have heard that they don't have DJI's restrictions?

I'm wondering what DJI will do in a few years when the FAA ID goes into effect. Will DJI ground all of us if they can not comply?  I'm guessing they will...

Starting to lose faith in NLD... no word since Jan? The speed boost is cool, but probably not really good for the drone given the warnings you get.